August 1

This month i’m going to start blogging more and keeping up with my life, and what better day to start than the first of the month? I think also on the first i’m gonna review the previous month and talk about goals i have for the upcoming month.

July was a rough month for me. The beginning of the month I was in Michigan with my friend on vacation at the beach and it was so peaceful and relaxing, and I 100% needed and deserved it. Then right smack in the middle of the month my grandma unexpectedly died. It was really hard for my family and I and it still is kind of sad. My dad and his siblings are especially having a hard time. Less than a week later i got an upper respiratory infection and a double ear infection and slept through my grandmas funeral. Then on Sunday night i fell down while running and broke my ankle, and today I almost got fired from my job. So you could say July wasn’t my month.

My goals for August are to prove to my directors at my job that i am trustworthy and capable of doing my job, and that i deserve to work there and that i’m worth keeping around. I want to be my best self this month. I want to lose hopefully 10 pounds and maybe an inch or 2 off my waist. Starting this week I’m going vegetarian, and maybe eventually meat/dairy free and then maybe vegan. I want to have the best birthday i’ve ever had on the 26th, and I want to spend it with my best friends. I want to have a conversation with Anthony about how our friendship is going and how were feeling, because things are starting to heat up and get kind of weird.

Recently i’ve been trying to come to terms with my sexuality. people are trying to tell my i’m bisexual and trying to out me and the more they say it the more i believe it. i don’t want to be bi i don’t want to be gay i want to be straight and good and i don’t want people to make fun of me. I know i can’t help how i feel or my thoughts on people i just don’t want that to be the case. It sounds bad but its how i feel.

Happy august, readers. I hope this month goes well for all of you.


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