beginnings and endings

bare with me, this one’s rough.

august 26, 1998

just kidding, thats too far.

lets start with 4 years ago, august of 2012.

freshman year hit me hard and it hit me fast. new school, new friends, new extra curricular, new olivia. that was the year that i joined the color guard, left my friend group from middle school, and the year i realized i was horribly, deeply depressed.

august 2013/may 2014

sophomore year hit me harder. more advanced classes, no more friends from middle school, color guard owned my life. this was the year i got my first F on a report card (and nearly failed english), was introduced to twenty one pilots (my favorite band and life saver. you’ll hear about them later), and met my soon-to-be first heartbreak (i didn’t know it then. i wish i would’ve.)

august 2014/may 2015

junior year hit me the hardest. even more advanced classes, more stress, and more F’s on my reports cards. that was the year i entered my first long-term relationship, secluded myself to just my 5 best friends, my self harm started to get bad again (thanks, color guard), and the year i be came so depressed i can’t remember half of what happened.

august 2015/may 2016

summer going into senior year was the best summer of all time, probably. my relationship was so good, i quit color guard (then briefly joined marching band and quit again), and i spent so much time with my friends. this was the year that i applied for college (and got into all 4), pulled my first all nighter during the school year, and graduated high school.

august 2016/today, february 2017

shit, i don’t even know where to start here. got out of my abusive relationship (it’s taken me 7 months post-break up to admit it, and you’ll hear all about it), started college, transferred colleges, and started a new career. this past 6 months have had so many ups and down but i’m not sure i would change any part of them. I went to so many good concerts, met so many new people,  turned my life around, and overall changed for the better.

heres to the rest of 2017, and every year still to come.

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